PE Dust Filter Bag

PE felt used by polyester filament. This material has better mechanism intension, can consistently work under 130-150 degree.


PE has certain acid and alkali resistance, is a kind of commonly used material.


Raw Material TR
Efficient 99.9%
Size OEM Welcomed
Filter Rating 1μm,2μm,5μm,10μm,15μm,25μm, etc
Ring Model SS316,SS304,Felt,Zinc Coated
Features Antioxidant, stable, harmless, acid proof, alkali-resisting, etc
Pressure Loss 60pa/6mmAq
Lifetime 5years
Warranty 12months
Working Time 7x24hours
Dust Type Dry, Fibrous
Max.temperature 150℃
Treatment Flame-retardant, anti-static, anti-water, oil proof, self-cleaning, PTFE filmed,etc
Processing Way Sewing/weld
Application Food,chemical,oil,gas,medicine,steel making workshop,etc