PP Dust Filter Bag

PP felt can bear temperature between 90-100 degree, have better acid and alkali resistance.

Is commonly used on the ground that with high acid or high alkali.

Typical Properties 

Glass transition:-10


Continuous use:90

Density:0.91 g/cm³


Resistance to

Acids:very good

Alkaline agents:very good

Oxidizing agents:poor

Solvents very good except toluene: xylene, tri- and tetrachloroethylene


 Description of product PP/PP454
Fiber 100%PP
Substrates 100%PP
Square weight 450g/m2
Thickness 1.7mm
Density 0.26g/cm3
Air permeability 140L/dm2.min
Breaking Strength-lengthways ≥1300 N/5cm
Breaking Strength-crosswise ≥1300 N/5cm
elongation@300N/5cm-lengthways <5%
elongation@300N/5cm-crosswise <5%
Heat shrinkage@150degC,90min 1%
Bursting strength >300 N/cm2
Continuous temperature 90℃
Instantaneous temperature 100℃
Post-processing Heat-setting, Firing pressure