PTFE Membrane Dust Filter Bag

When the dust particle size is lea than 1 micron, or very viscous or with a larger gas humidity. The general filter media cannot effectively filter media.

To PTFE film-based media with high filtering precision, smooth surface, no adhesion of dust, dust cleaning is easy to penetrate into the internal filter media to achieve the surface of filter.


Raw Material TR/USA/JAPAN
Efficient 99.9%
Size OEM Welcomed
Filter Rating 1μm,2μm,5μm,10μm,15μm,25μm,etc
Ring Model SS316,SS304,Felt,Zinc Coated
Features High temperature, stable,harmless,acid proof,alkali-resisting,etc
Pressure Loss 60pa/6mmAq
Lifetime 5years
Warranty 12months
Working Time 7x24hours
Dust Type Dry, Fibrous
Max.temperature 100-300℃
Treatment Firing pressure,anti-water,oil proof, self-cleaning,etc
Processing Way Sewing/weld
Application Food,chemical,oil,gas,cement line,coal industry,etc