PE Liquid Filter Bag

TR filter liquid filter material includes: polyester (PE) , polypropylene (PO) , nylon Monofilament (NMO) , multi-filament and the unique high temperature resistance Teflon (PTFE) and so on


PE liquid filtration bag:

We use imported and domestic high-quality filament polyester fiber, and in the production polyester needle felt filter cloth of all size. Our products can meet customer demand for liquid filtration.

Polyester needled felt as a kind of widely used filtering material, it has good cost performance and long service life. Under the condition of meet the relevant conditions, polyester needled felt filter bag with 2 years warranty.

Filter bag size:

Bag model Bag size Max.flow (m³/h) Filter area (㎡) Volume (L)
Diameter Length
#1 7’ (180mm) 17’(430mm) 20 0.25 8
#2 7’(180mm) 32’(810mm) 40 0.5 17
#3 4’(105mm) 9’(230mm) 6 0.09 1.3
#4 4’(105mm) 15’(380mm) 12 0.16 2.5
#5 6’(155mm) 22’(560) 18 0.25 8

All the filter bag size can be customized, details please refer to the TR filter .