POXL Liquid Filter Bag

POXL means extended Life Filter Bag.

This POXL liquid filtration bag uses the younger thin heavier fiber composition, takes on the pollution capacity four times than the general blanket cloth.

POXL filter material with long life and higher resistance to dirt.

  1. filtering precision: 1um-200um
  2. The surface of the filter bag is treated with high technology burn-hair polishing. The surface is smooth, firm and free of fiber shedding.
  3. The filtration bag material has a step – by – step process from inside to outside, which makes the distribution of impurities more reasonable.

The liquid filtration bag size

Bag model Bag size Max.flow (m³/h) Filter area (㎡) Volume (L)
Diameter Length
#1 7’ (180mm) 17’(430mm) 20 0.25 8
#2 7’(180mm) 32’(810mm) 40 0.5 17
#3 4’(105mm) 9’(230mm) 6 0.09 1.3
#4 4’(105mm) 15’(380mm) 12 0.16 2.5
#5 6’(155mm) 22’(560) 18 0.25 8

All the filtration bag size can be customized, the details please contact with TR filter.